Tuesday, 12 June 2012

VH1’s Stevie Ryan on How to Be a Kardashian

Photo: Jesse Ashton For almost six years, Stevie Ryan, 25, has been uploading hilariously wonky pop culture impressions to YouTube, amassing a cult following that can now tune front lace wigs into her new show, Stevie TV, premiering on VH1 this Sunday at 11 pm. Ryan brings all her go-to, lampoon-ready characters to table, including Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and even a Real Housewife or two. Below, she breaks down their pop culture essence.ELLE: What does it take to become Kim Kardashian?Stevie Ryan: White, bedazzled dresses, sculpting powder, contouring makeup, highlighter, and bronzer. But I don’t really feel the character until I put on my three butts. I’m not lying—it’s literally three butts stuffed with padding. And when I wear those on and put on my long 22-inch dark wig, I really feel like a Kardashian.ELLE: Break down the Biebs for us.SR: We actually lace wigs bind down my boobs with ACE bandage, and it gets so tight and hurts so much that I get really bad heartburn from it. Then we put a sock in my underwear—you know, to get the real effect. It’s…awkward. Then of course I always have to have a hoodie, a baseball cap, and something purple. For Justin, I always need something purple.ELLE: It’s a pretty uncanny likeness.SR: It gets weird! I get women hitting on me like crazy—older women especially can’t get enough of me. A few actresses that I worked with while playing Justin Bieber actually asked for my number afterwards. I don’t think they realized that I’m a girl. And then boys that know I’m a girl are like, I don’t know what it is, but you’re really hot as Justin Bieber. The point is: dude, everybody wants Justin Bieber.ELLE: You play a mean Kim Richards, whose has a signature altercation style with her sister Kyle on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills—the angry finger point. How do you master that?SR: A good feather hair extension Kim Richards point is all about being in sync with her sister Kyle’s point. I feel like Kyle is the leader, so the trick is to just going along with Kyle. It’s like a dance class—you’re looking at the dancers around you and getting into a flow.ELLE: So it’s basically ballet.SR: Basically.Watch the show’s extended trailer, below.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

How to care for synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs when cared for can offer the owner many years of service when cared for well. When these wigs are used properly, they have many advantages when compared to natural hair wigs, in addition to the ease in which you can care for the synthetic wig. The other advantage of having a synthetic hair wig to a human hair wig is front lace wigs that they can be dried quickly and faster; besides the fact that they seem to maintain their original style and shape for extended periods. The reason as to why they tend to have a preset styling, which means you will spend less time while restyling or shaping them.Synthetic wigs are lighter in weight and you feel very cool whilst wearing them during the summer time. Since the synthetic hair wigs are made of synthetic fibers, you will not have to keep worrying that they will change color when you wear them in the sun. Will all the above outlined advantages of the synthetic hair wigs and their easy in availability and decreased cost it is easy to see why most women prefer synthetic hair wigs compared to the natural hair wigs. The following are some pointers you can use to care for your wig to get the most out of it.If you wish to have your synthetic wigs serve you for long, you need to practice what is known as good synthetic hair wig. What follows is the best way to clean your synthetic hair wig safely:You need to buy a shampoo, which is specifically designed for shampooing synthetic hair wigs. It is important that you should not use regular shampoos on synthetic hair wigs.Before you wash your synthetic hair wig, you should brush the hair wig lightly using a wire brush. A regular hairbrush is not appropriate for cleaning synthetic hair wigs since the brush is meant for natural hair wigs and can damage the synthetic material used for making the wig.When washing your synthetic hair wig you should never pour hot water on it in the name of washing it. Instead, while washing your synthetic hair you should include a teaspoonful of lace wigs shampoo, which is meant for washing synthetic wigs in a bowl of cool water.Before you begin washing your synthetic hair wig, you should leave the wig for 1-2 minutes until it is covered with both the water and shampoo. Making sure, you use it sparingly on the basin for another minute.Thereafter remove your synthetic hair wig from the water and squeeze it to remove excess water from it. While squeezing the wig of excess water, try not to wring or to twist the wig to evade damaging it.Using a dry towel gently blot the synthetic hair wig.After washing, the wig put it on its form to dry from top to bottom before you begin styling. It is not advisable to style your synthetic hair wig.Remember that you can from time to time condition your synthetic hair wig using a hair conditioner meant for synthetic hairs after washing it and before you give it a final rinse.For the wig to maintain its shape it is advisable that you be keeping it on a wig stand when you are not wearing it. Storing it on a wig stand helps it remain in its natural style feather hair extension and form.It is recommended that you wash your synthetic wigs after wearing it for 15-20 times. Washing a synthetic wig every now and then shortens the wigs lifespan. If you maintain the cleanliness of your hair under the wig, you can reduce the number of times with which you need to wash the wig.